Monday, March 1, 2010


Several faux pas made today during my lunch hour. I needed a break from the staff cafeteria (as you can see from my Twitter feed, I've been eating a lot of vegetable curry and lentils), so I decided to go to the "campus"restaurant. I have been here before with a male colleague, so I thought I knew how to handle myself. I went on the line, which is buffet style, and got my Lebanese fish with rice. I was then handed a tray with a bread and a plastic utensil set, as I neglected to pick them up when I entered. I paid for my lunch, then looked around. Oh, I should go sit in the ladies section! So, | bring my tray to the ladies dining section and could not figure out how to enter, as there is a maze of screens to protect the diners. I then notice that there is another buffet line in this room and a register. Oh! I was supposed to order, pay, and dine in the separate section! I ate my meal alone, noticing that it is very nice to have olive oil as a condiment choice at my table as opposed to ketchup. I packed my leftovers in a to-go container, picking up my tray to put it away. More confusion - I was supposed to leave the tray on my table and not take it with me. My tray was quickly taken by a staffer whose job it is tend to diner's needs (e.g., get hot sauce upon request, give diners to-go containers, replace tissues, etc.). I walk through the maze to get to the "public"ladies section. I then notice that there is a totally separate entrance for women, which is not labeled. I guess I was just supposed to know - I will for the next time.

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