Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Ethnic Food Aisle

The ethnic food aisle is an interesting place.  Who determines what is "ethnic" and when does an ethnic food item become mainstream (or "normal" as some may say)? In the USA, often foods identified as Chinese and Mexican are in a separate aisle, usually close to the pet food section.  Depending on the location of the grocery store and whom the store is catering to, things get categorized differently.  Why is the Old El Paso brand in the "normal" aisles while the Goya are "ethnic"? The list can go on and I'm sure you can come up with your own contradictions and observations.

I'm happy to see this recent story on The Huffington Post that illustrates this issue from a different standpoint - what happens when "American" foods are in the ethnic aisle?

More posts later on what is in the ethnic food aisles here in the kingdom.  Would love to hear from you - please take note of what is in your grocery store's ethnic food aisle and comment here.

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