Friday, June 19, 2009

Post-Elopement Celebration(s)

Our post-elopement cake was made by Luci Pina of Fashionably Cake. I was turned onto Luci's work after tasting a delicious wedding cake she made for my cousin. She was wonderfully accommodating to our desires - we wanted a tropical theme to match our wedding in Hawai'i. The result was a Puerto Rican Rum pound cake with a large mango filled layer, a guava filled layer, and a small pineapple layer. We were able to have the guava layer made without rum to allow those who do not partake in alcohol to indulge as well. I am not much of a dessert person (I will almost always go towards the savory, spicy, and salty over the sweet). But as you can see, this cake can change your mind too. cake is also featured on the interactive feature from "With This Burger, I Thee Wed" Reader's Wedding Food interactive

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